Power of Positivity

I don't think I'm alone when I say that the past month of my life has consisted of checking off calendar boxes before bed every night, counting down the days until March 29, 2018. Opening Day has been why I've dragged myself out of bed every morning since I returned to campus after spring break. … Continue reading Power of Positivity


Brandon Belt Owes Me $2

In my post about the Giants @ Mets series, I said that living in New York means I can only see the Giants in person once a year, if I'm lucky. Or... I can be a (ir)responsible adult and decide last second to book a hotel room and buy tickets to a couple games a state … Continue reading Brandon Belt Owes Me $2

Giants @ Mets: Adventures, Highlights, and More.

Okay, so it's been about three weeks since Sharon and I practically lived at Citi Field for a few days to see the Giants. The experience was absolutely amazing but everyone has moved on. The Giants have played 6 other teams since then (and won all of those series but two, which is improvement, okay?) and everyone … Continue reading Giants @ Mets: Adventures, Highlights, and More.