Do Your Part. Have Some Heart.

Okay, so I know I said my next blog post was going to be about mine and Sharon’s trip to Philly. And I already have half of that written out, but I have something more important that I want to get off of my chest.

So here comes my extremely emotional and probably highly controversial opinion on the current state of the San Francisco Giants! Buckle up kiddos, because I am fed up.

Fed up with the team? Sure. It’s no secret this season is already almost completely down the drain. Then again, I feel like any time you count out the Giants you’re making a fool of yourself. We all know the potential this team has. I don’t see a reason why they won’t start playing up to it a some point. But as of now, we know where they stand. When you put a lot of time and energy into being a fan of a team, it sucks more than anything to watch them go out like a dumpster fire day in and day out. But if you put that much time and energy into being a fan of a team, then it shouldn’t freaking matter if they win or lose. You should still be turning on each game with a new set of hope and excitement.

I ain’t a saint, nor am I some kind of Sports Fan Queen. I’m not perfect and there have been numerous occasions where I have just walked away from the game or not even turned it on because I didn’t want to see the end result. We’ve all done it and I’m not the exception. It’s part of being a sports fan. But despite that, I know I’m loyal and I’m going to stick it out no matter what.

For me, it boils down to this. I’m just a fan. A fanatic. Synonyms with addict, extremist, freak, nut, etc. By definition I am crazy. I have a feeling most of you are as well. But that’s the thing. I’m just a crazy fan. It’s not my life that is relying on the success of the team. Sure, it makes me a little sad for a night if they lose, but my day is going to be the same whether the Giants score 300 runs or 0. It’s the players that are going to get f*cked over if this ship continues to sink. They’re the ones that have worked their whole life to achieve this dream of playing on the big stage. They’re the ones who have to worry about having their lives uprooted or watching their careers end. It kills me that people seem to forget that these aren’t just baseball playing robots. They’re human beings with families and feelings of their own. They have eyes and ears and they can hear the crap that is said about them. I’m not saying that they should be coddled if they’re completely underperforming, which they are, because this is their job and they are getting paid to do it well, but at least have some sort of morals, people.

I just want to give a little background to my mentality on being a fan right now, because it may differ from yours. It relates back to something I said my first blogpost, where I made a comment about the general attitude differences between female fans and male fans. I want to describe the different trends that I’ve noticed, because I think it plays a large roll in how each person is reacting to the teams lack of success. Before I elaborate, I just want to give the disclaimer that this is my generalized opinion. Y’all can laugh in my face and tweet me your arguments about it later, but here’s what I’ve gathered in the years I’ve been following sports.

Generally, I find that girls grow a stronger connection to the team as people rather than just a logo and a franchise name. No, not just because they’re attractive men, but because it’s in our nature to be more thoughtful, nurturing, and understanding. We’re irrational and emotional creatures, and there is absolutely no shame to that. It just means we take different approaches on many things. Personally, I love the sense of belonging I feel with the team and other members of the fan base. I love the personalities that so many of our players have. I love watching the stupid videos and commercials they do. They’re entertaining reminders to fans that they are people too, and that’s where a lot of my connection lies. They shoot those videos for a reason. Of course to make money via promotion, but also to give fans more of that personal connection. In this day and age, where social media dominates a good part of society, it’s important to make people feel more included and closer. Sports fandom has really taken a turn in that social direction. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still here because I love the game of baseball, but for me, it is deeper than that.

Men are in it more for the competition. The glory of the win and being the best. Hey, I think that part is damn awesome too. I’m a competitive mofo, and I always want to be the very best (like no one ever was). I find that men are more likely to throw stats around to prove who knows more and who is logistically better. It’s more about the business aspect and the “Ends justifies the means” mentality for them. And again, there isn’t an issue with this either.  I know it’s a business. But, for me, I find that I prioritize my connection to the team over that need for complete supremacy. Not to say that there aren’t guys who have a personal connection to the team too, just like I know there are more competitive girls out there who don’t think like me. In the end, it’s a balance, and I find that typically one of these mentalities, personal or competitive, will dominate the other.

That being stated, maybe you’ll now have a better understanding of where I’m coming from and why I’m so annoyed.

I’m the girl that is attached to the team. The people on the team. I want nothing more than for them to succeed and attain the happiness they deserve, while in turn, giving back to the city (and fans beyond that city, hello,) who supports them. Or should be supporting them. I seem to be finding a lot of people turning their backs on this group of struggling guys. (By the way, those are your bandwagoner fans, not the late-comers. It doesn’t matter when you join, it matters if and how long you stay.) I’ve read a lot of tweets from people who have been fans “longer than I’ve been alive” (congratulations, you want a damn medal for being older than me or something?) who are whining about how they’re sick of watching this team lose and play with no heart.

Heart. There’s a funny definition to that word. It’s like love. Relative.

Can I agree that the heart has been lacking recently? Absolutely. The clubhouse that is typically flourishing with chemistry and heart of motivated guys is clearly quiet and dull. The morale is so low that even the best Hunter Pence speech may be ineffective (That is a challenge, if you’re reading this, Hunter). Something has to change that. I don’t know what the answer is. I’m no wizard. Someone needs to come in with a fiery confidence and do his best to give this team the spark they need (see: Austin Slater?), but I have no control over that. I do, however, have control over my own passion.

Being a fan comes with responsibilities. The main one is to not be an asshole, but I feel like that’s more of a life responsibility than a fan one. Second to that, is to provide your own heart. Watch the games, go to games if you are able to, be loud, cheer, smile if you make eye contact with those human beings in the uniforms. Offer positivity and support. Do you know how much that could mean to someone who isn’t confident in what they’re doing? Just a simple “hey keep it up, we all love you here,” or a “great job today,” could make a guy’s day. Doesn’t it make you happy when someone acknowledges your achievements? For as much as it made my day to meet some of the players when I saw them in Queens and Philly, I really hope it made them even a little bit happier to know that I was there, following their journey from across the country and excited to now be able to cheer them on in person and have fun no matter what. Baseball is a game. Games are about fun. Fun is about happiness. Spread happiness. Am I trying to blow sunshine up everyone’s asses? Yeah, a bit. But in the middle of a storm, no matter what kind, a little sunshine is all you’re wishing to see.

The Giants lost a game to the Rockies about an hour ago with a score of 10-9. In the 7th inning it was 9-1 Rockies. In the 7th inning we also watched Eduardo Nunez and Buster Posey, our two best offensive players at the moment, limp off the field. This team still put up another 6 runs after that to tie the game. And even with the loss in the 9th inning, that’s a damn special comeback. It’s one we haven’t seen all season.

To me, that’s heart. That’s fight. That’s the team getting angry, and instead of letting it weigh down on them, they turned it into motivation. I’m not saying the season is going to be turned around because of this, I’m just saying that they still have heart. They want to win, for themselves, of course, but also for the fans that are sticking through this with them. And if that heart that they showed isn’t enough, maybe the fans can try to help out and provide some ourselves instead of angrily ranting and raving over and over again. You never know, a little extra heart from us might just be enough to help them string together a few wins. If not? Oh well. It’s still baseball season and we still get to watch our team take the field almost every day. Let’s just have some fun with what we got.

Thanks for reading.




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